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Yoga 4 Performers


Yoga for Stress Management
12 noon, May 7, 2014
Ramsey Library, Ramsey, NJ

Yoga involving breath exercises (pranayama), movement of the body (asana), and mental focus (mantras, meditation) will decrease stress when practiced regularly and conscientiously. Components used separately also will reduce stress.  Jennifer Cece  will teach various breathing and meditation techniques which help reduce stress. Some simple seated and standing asanas designed to stretch and strengthen participants will also be offered. Recent scientific evidence that explains why and how yoga works to decreases stress will be discussed as well.  

Yoga 4 Performers

Become a More Powerful and Dynamic Performer:

Eliminate Stage Anxiety through Yoga


Yoga improves Musicians, Singers, Public Speakers, Actors and Dancers’ breathing, body, and mental focus


Introductory Workshop Free of Charge

Workshop Taught by:


Jennifer Cece

 B.A., M.M., R.Y.T., Certified in Somatic Voicework™


Saturday, February 7th @ 1:30pm

Sponsored by Premier Fitness

430 Nanuet Mall South, Nanuet, NY 10954

Tel: 845-920-0501   Website:

Conquer your fears, improve your inner balance, regulate your breathing, and handle challenges with confidance and grace ... this is Akiko soaring in King Dancer pose at the Grande Canyon.   




 Freedom to enjoy what you are doing                                                                                

Yoga is non-judgemental, a personal journey, encourages you to just be in the moment.........accepting what is... eliminating negative, nagging mental chatter.. and enjoying the simplicity of pure energy and potential....that is yoga... and that ease of existence is the art of musical performance... cultivated with yoga practice and transferred to the studio and performance space.

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