Welcome to the Jennifer Cece Bellon Vocal Studio

We teach contemporary commercial music and classical singing techniques.

The contemporary commercial technic is based on Somatic Voicework, the LoVetri Method. All of my teaching has been influenced by my own personal training and experience. 

My education includes New York Singing Teachers Association's professional development programs and workshops, the National Association of Singing Teachers workships, Westminster Choir College courses, B.A. Psychology University of Richmond, Voice Scholarship University of Richmond, M.A. in Opera Performance New Jersey City University and mostly Somatic Voicework, the LoVetri Method.

Here we apply a holistic approach to vocal development and training.

Vocalists today are challenged more now than ever before.

The demands of life are ever increasing. There are so many songs to sing, and so much competition for these roles. To complicate important performance goals further, there is so much for the singer to do in a day, to find the time to rehearse, to come to a lesson, to practice. If you are serious, performance must be your priority. Lessons and practice should be a regular thing rather than a last minute brush up to prepare for an audition. But, sometimes, last minute brushups are the only option and we can help you with that too!  Yet, making time in your schedule for vocal lessons and vocal practice is critical for improving your singing, and keeping a positive attitude.  To us singers, having a healthy, expressive voice is so important to our mental well being.  When you are making progress vocally, when you are able to sing the way you want to sing -  you feel good! 

Our approach emphasizes the study of all aspects of the singers needs.

Musical goals are of the foremost priority, we do lots of warm-ups, songs, and cool downs, but we respect the singer as a whole.   When you are a singer your body is your instrument.  All aspects of the singer’s health, including physical and psychological, social,  and cultural factors are acknowledged in the developmental process. This website includes many helpful links for information on developing and maintaining a healthy voice.

A typical lesson in our studio begins with relaxation and breathing exercises.

Posture and body alignment is observed. Tension reduction is an important step in the warm up process. Many more advanced, experienced students of mine, will learn to arrive to a lesson early and prepare themselves physically to relax, breath properly, and sing properly before the lesson begins. Isn't this the type of habit you need to have when you audition frequently or are a working musician?  During the lesson we have lots of breathing exercises and relaxation exercises ( many of which are borrowed from yoga) to help you relax, release tension, focus, and set a positive intention for the work ahead. We do encourage related disciplines such as yoga and pilates.  For more information on the benefits of yoga please see the Yoga 4 Performers page.

Another preparation is the sight singing component.

I use a particular sight singing book to help the student increase their comfort with reading music and recognizing vocal intervals. The book I use is called Successful Sightsinging for Singers, by Valerie Telfer, published by Kjos Press.  Every Fall I help singers who are preparing for choral auditions with their major and chromatic scales as well as reading.  

A core part of the lesson is the vocal warm up.

Warm ups are determined on an individual basis depending on the needs and goal of the singer. Repertoire is chosen depending on goals. Songs should be in the correct key or range for the individual singer. We do have a transposing piano. Many websites will offer sheet music in a transposed key.  Sometimes a song is chosen because it will help the voice develop effectively in a particular way. In many instances the singer is in a hurry to audition, and the goal is to perfect the audition in a short amount of time. We can accommodate the "prepare me for the audition' parameters.  I have some students that only come in for a quick preparatory coaching for an audition. It is comfortable too when the student has lots of time to come to lessons and develop the voice without an immediate deadline of audition or performance, and then when they earn that particular role in a musical, or decide on songs for a recital we smoothly transfer the technique to the music. Proper practice in my studio and at home sets the singer up for success when they perform their part in public. We recommend bringing some kind of recording devise, such as a smart phone  with a recording app or a digital recorder or computer to record the lesson so you can practice the exercises and review your progress regularly in your home studios.

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