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Arrival at Lessons

  • Please try to arrive at the studio on time so you can begin your lesson feeling relaxed not rushed.
  • Do bring a recording device such as a digital recorder or phone to your lesson so you are able to review the content of your lesson at home.   
  • Please bring a binder, sheet music and a notebook to lessons. .

Technique/Theory/ Audition Repertoire

  • Sight reading is a helpful and important skill for all singers.
    • We will discuss this further in person to access your individual needs in this area.
    • We will sight read new songs regularly.
    • One book to help cultivate your sight singing abilities is :
      • Successful Sight Singing for Singers by Valerie Telfer, Kjos Press.
  • We need to discuss your goals in the beginning of your studies and reevaluate as we progress. 
    • We will definitely be able to handle any time frame. ( i.e. if the audition is soon, we can prepare successfully for it.  If we have lots of time, that is great too ! )
    • We will be able to build a audition repertoire book.  
  • You will need to purchase appropriate music that suits the needs of your voice at this time.
    • It is not always easy for the singer to know for certain what type of voice they have, especially if you are a young beginner or developing singer, but I will be able to advise you on how to select repertoire.
      •  The healthy choice is the best choice . For example, while a person's favorite song may be the high belter number" No Good Deeds" from Wicked, if you have never belted or are new at belting such a song would be too advanced for you, and therefore not a healthy choice in such a case.
    • It is important to understand that by feeding your voice the appropriate literature it needs, your voice will develop properly.  By taking on inapprorpriate literature, or by creating arbitrary maturation dates for your voice, you will be doing a disservice to your voice. The goal is for you to develop a healthy and expressive voice. When the voice is ready it will emerge!  Just be patient and have faith!


  • We have at least one recital per year.  If you will not be performing in that recital we invite you to come and watch the rectial.
  • Workshops will be held in my home and are for students only (parents, etc., do not attend). They are designed to help you prepare for future performances.
  • Our studio partners with local charitiesby offering our students the opportunity to participate in Charity Recitals. In the past students have performed to benefit such charitable organizations as the Kindness Ranch through the efforts of These for charity performances will continue help to raise awareness and money for the animals of research and related fieldsso that these animals will find sanctuary and forever homes. Thus, these recitals accomplish two goals - one to help you gain performance experience, and two - to help those in need.

Competitions, Adjudications, and Honors Choruses

  • Students are encouraged to enter vocal competitions and adjudications, as well as to audition for district, state, and regional honors choruses.
  • These activities are optional, and at times I will recommend that some of my students participate.

Daily Practice and Voice Care

 Please practice at least 15 minutes each day on the exercises we work on in the studio.

  • Please do not over sing, over practice, or practice inappropriate material for your voice.
  • Be respectful of your vocal instrument — no screaming, and not too much talking on the telephone.
  • Drink lots of water all day.

Thanks so much !!! Looking forward to learning a lot during lessons this year!!!!