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Yoga & Pilates Group Classes


Monday, 11:45 am, Gentle Yoga, Juluka Yoga

    Hillsdale, New Jersey

Tuesday, 8am, Pilates, C.G.I.
                Closter, New Jersey

Thursday, 9am , Pilates Sub, 
               Juluka Yoga
               Westwood, New Jersey

Thursday, 12 noon Yoga
                Plus One 
                Englewood, NJ

Friday, 11 am, Hatha Yoga Flow
                American Woman
                Westwood, New Jersey, 07675

*Jennifer Cece teaches a pilates centered class that begins with yoga based stretching exercises followed by an intensive pilates ab series, back series and leg series. Each series is connected with yoga style stretching poses to help balance the body.  These core strengthening exercises will be performed on the mat: prone or supine, seated or in standing positions. Proper breathing techniques are employed to deepen concentration on alignment and form and to help calm the mind.  Savasana will be at the conclusion of the class leaving the participant’s entire body feeling completely stretched, strengthened and relaxed.

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Jennifer teaches a special Yoga for Performers at various locations TBA 

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